Tree Board

  1. The Village of Howard Tree Board advises and consults the village forester on any matter pertaining to the development, alterations and/or revisions to the arboricultural specifications manual, and alterations or revisions of the urban forestry plan; policy concerning selection, planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants within the village; allocation of funds to the tree program, and expenditures of funds by the tree program; and establishment of educational and informational programs. The board also hears all issues of the disputes which arise between the village forester and any person whenever those issues involve matters or the interpretation or enforcement of the arboricultural specifications manual or the urban forestry plan.


The Tree Board meets every 3-4 months at the Public Works Department, 1336 Cornell Road.


The Village of Howard Tree Board is composed of seven members. Five members are appointed by the village president with the approval of the village board. These five members shall serve without pay and shall reside within the village. The remaining two members are ex officio and shall not vote. The two ex officio members are the village park and recreation director and the village forester. The current five citizen members are:

Ellery Gulbrand 

Carl Zuege

Dan Rocheleau

Larry Francois

Phil Verville