Leadership Blueprint

Remain Strategic
Ensure my work - and that of my executive team - is strategic. All of our goals and activities need to be aligned with the overarching goals and mission of the larger organization. Any individual that reports directly to me will have a set of measurable objectives during a specific time frame.

Be Persistent & Work Hard
Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Never give up.

Accept Accountability
Hold myself accountable to the highest standards of behavior. The litmus test for every action will be, "Would I be comfortable with the details of my decisions or actions plastered on the front page of a newspaper?"

Embrace Responsibility
Appreciate and embrace the responsibility that comes with being a leader. Always realize that many people depend on me.

Value Meetings
Embrace the importance of team meetings and individual one-on-one meetings. These meetings are not a nuisance or distraction - they are the day-to-day manifestation of leadership.

Create a Top Team
Create a team of A players. My goal is to hire, retain and promote only the best. If someone is a C player, my job is to turn them into an A player or help them find another role where they have a better chance to be an A player. I will hold my team accountable to the highest standards of performance and behavior.

Treat Direct Reports as Adults
Treat direct reports as bright, capable, responsible adults. I am not all-knowing or blessed with superior judgment because of my position. I don't need to be aware of all details, be involved in all decisions, or dictate how they do their work. Treating employees like inferiors and micromanaging is the ultimate form of disrespect and poor leadership.

Open Up
Ask questions and be open to other possibilities. Listening as a leader means fighting the natural urge to evaluate and react instead of listening to truly understand another person's view and consider the possibilities.

Encourage Innovation
Continually stress the importance of innovation when reviewing operational issues and always be open to new ideas.