Village Administrator

The village administrator is appointed by the Village Board and is vested with the responsibility to ensure policies, directives, resolutions, and ordinances adopted by the Village Board are enforced and implemented. As the chief administrative officer, the village administrator is responsible for providing executive level leadership, vision, and guidance to the organization with the assistance of the Village's Executive Leadership Team.

Howard's Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is the organization's leadership and management body. It is comprised of key individuals to focus on major financial, strategic, and operational decisions for the village. To best position our organization for continued success, the ELT is focused on working with agility, speed, and collaboration to ensure that opportunities are rapidly seized and challenges immediately perceived and addressed. The ELT is also responsible for ensuring our Service Excellence customer service initiative is executed.

Village Team
In 2006, village staff was reorganized and an executive leadership team was created to assist in the implementation of policies established by the Village Board and to proactively address issues. Each executive leadership position is responsible in assisting the village reach its overarching goals stated through its strategic plan. Furthermore, the executive leadership team is responsible for establishing and monitoring performance measures within their respective areas to ensure the village's operations are being conducted as economically and efficiently as possible.