Village Center

  Village Center Concept FINAL Draft of New Concept with Labels (8.20.14)
The Concept 
The Howard Village Center concept was originally promoted by the Village Board to create a "sense of place" for Howard residents. The Village Center vision took shape when the village's Comprehensive Plan was finalized in 2002. The Village Center, pursuant to the approved Comprehensive Plan, is to be the focal point for the entire community.

Schreiber / Anderson Associates (Madison), with assistance from the Taurean Group (Madison) were selected by the Village of Howard to complete the vision. A Technical Review Team (TRT) was created to discuss and resolve technical issues during the planning process, engaging the public in community meetings, and by holding stakeholder interviews to create a concept plan to show the entire community. The initial goals created by the TRT team were the following:
  • Be a place where Village of Howard residents will gather to live, shop, recreate and socialize
  • Be an economic benefit to the Village of Howard
  • Give the Village of Howard a vibrant, tangible identity and new heart for the community
Village Square
The Village Square will be an integral component of the Village Center area. It will offer the following amenities:
  Village Center layoutShelter building
  • Center Plaza: This area will be lit and will have ice skating in the winter and interactive water features during the summer.
  • Large expanses of open space: This will allow outdoor gatherings, such as Farmer's Markets, concerts in the park and outdoor theatrical productions.
  • Multifunctional Pavilion: The open air Multifunctional Pavilion can be used for numerous community events.
  • Pedestrian friendly: There will be connectivity to trails and other open spaces.
  • Shopping: Promotion of vertical mixed-use buildings with ground floor retail will be key to making our Village Square successful.
Future Land Use
View the village's Future Land Use Map. The Village Center area runs in the Cardinal Lane and Riverview Drive corridors, with Dousman / Cardinal Lane being the southern boundary, Cardinal Lane by the Animal Hospital being the northern boundary, Riverview Drive and Hillcrest Heights being the western boundary, and the Walgreens on Cardinal / Riverview Drive being the eastern boundary.

Village Center Tax Increment Finance Map
The Village of Howard created a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district in the Village Center area to spur development consistent with the Master Plan. Per the plan, the TIF may be an appropriate tool to fund some of the improvements and attract developer interest in the project. As a public investment, the use of TIF must be carefully considered as to its costs versus benefits. To view the Village Center area included in the TIF district, please review the Tax Increment Finance District 3 Map.