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Posted on: February 4, 2020

Be prepared for flooding!

Valley Lane Flooding

With water levels in Duck Creek, Green Bay, and Lake Michigan well above normal averages and approaching record highs, the potential for flooding is just one big snow melt or steady rainfall away. Officials are encouraging residents to take the responsibility to be prepared for flooding! 

Brown County officials, municipal leaders, local and regional agencies, and other organizations have joined together to educate residents and plan ahead for flooding events. The campaign’s slogan is "Be prepared. Make a Plan. Stay Informed." A new website shares tips and offers valuable resources for residents, and the Village of Howard has added some of the highlights to its own website here: 

Here are some important things to know and to do NOW: 

  • Are you in a floodplain? Enter your address into the Brown County GIS flood plain map to find out. However, even if you’re not in a floodplain, you could still be at risk. If your property has flooded before, it likely will flood again. If you live near a floodplain, you also could be impacted by street closures. Use the map to help identify your risk.
  • Sign up for the Code Red Alert System! Brown County has the ability to notify impacted subscribers via phone, text, and/or email when an emergency -- such as major flooding that’s causing street closures and evacuations -- is occurring in their area.
  • If you are in a flood plain, do the following TODAY:
    • Move personal property out of vulnerable areas, such as basements and off of floors.
    • Purchase flood insurance. Please know that your homeowner’s insurance policy does NOT cover flooding. You will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Since these can take 30-60 days to go into effect, the time to get it is now! The FEMA National Flood Insurance Program can provide more information.
    • Buy an extra sump pump and/or a battery-operated pump in case you lose power.
    • If your home doesn’t already have one, install a backflow preventer to protect our drinking water supply!
  • Make a plan for you, your family, and your pets in case of major flooding and/or evacuations. 
    • Prepare an emergency kit and a "Go" Bag. Be sure to include a flashlight, snacks and water, extra clothing, cash, prescription medications, a phone contact list, cell phone(s) and chargers, and important documents.
    • Know where you and your pets can go! Due to limited public shelter spaces and their inability to accept pets, try to make arrangements with friends and family out of the area now. If you have elderly or disabled family members or neighbors, be sure they have a plan too.
    • Be sure to know alternate routes to get out of your home and neighborhood and to your safe place. Remember that your own streets or those along your route may be flooded.
  • Be flood SAFE! Never enter flooded basements. Never play around or drive through flooded streets.

For more information about any of these tips or to read additional resources, visit

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