Your Government

  1. Village President & Board of Trustees

    Browse the elected officials serving on the Board of Trustees.

  2. Village Administrator

    The Village Administrator is appointed by the Village Board and is vested with the responsibility to ensure policies, directives, resolutions, and ordinances adopted by the Village Board are enforced and implemented.

  3. Clerk/Treasurer

    The statutory positions of Clerk and Treasurer are included in the Village position of Director of Administrative Services.

  4. Departments

    Browse the departments and their services they provide to the Village of Howard.

  5. Boards & Commissions

    View meeting times, agendas, and minutes of the boards and commissions serving the Village of Howard.

  6. Municipal Court

    Learn about making payments, processes, and procedures of the municipal court system.

  7. Village Assessor

    The Village of Howard contracts its assessment services with Fair Market Assessment in Green Bay.