Municipal Court

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person traffic, ordinance and juvenile proceedings are suspended until May 26, 2020 or upon further order of the court. For complete information, click here. 

Founding Authority

The Village of Howard Municipal Court was established in 1975, with the judge being elected for a four-year term in the spring election. The Court's primary function is to administer justice and hold individuals accountable for their actions when found guilty of local ordinance or traffic violations. 

The Howard Municipal Court handles citations issued in the Village of Howard for traffic and non-traffic ordinance violations.  The Court imposes fines and costs, collects those fines and costs, as well as imposes and collects restitution and other miscellaneous fees. 

The current Municipal Court Judge is Brian T. Stevens, assisted by the Municipal Court Clerk, Melissa Heim.  To contact the Court, call (920) 434-4669 or email the Court at

Cases heard in Municipal Court are either village ordinance or traffic violations. The Municipal Court judge serves a 4-year term. Judge Brian T. Stevens was appointed by the Village Board in the Fall of 2019.  The municipal judge position will be on the Spring ballot in 2020 for a one year term.  In the Spring of 2021 the municipal judges position will again be on the ballot to resume the 4-year term schedule.