Animal Control

GBGB Opens in new windowThe Village of Howard Animal Control Department handles stray (found) pets, works to reunite lost pets, handles complaints, assists with injured and nuisance wildlife, and advocates for the humane treatment of all animals in our community. The department is staffed by Animal Control/Humane Officer Matt Atkinson and the Citizen Animal Response Team (CART), which is a group of paid on-call citizen volunteers who respond to calls after hours and on weekends.  

In addition to serving the Howard community, Howard Animal Control provides contracted services to the villages of Suamico, Allouez, Bellevue, and the Town of Pittsfield. 

Lost and Found Pets

It is important to try to reunite lost and found pets with their owners. State law requires that found pets be reported to the animal control officer and/or stray holding facility for the municipality. If you lose or find a pet, please call Animal Control Officer Matt Atkinson immediately at (920) 530-1044. Please also notify the Wisconsin Humane Society - Green Bay at (920) 469-3110. Click here for more tips for handling lost and found pets.

Dangerous Animals or Wildlife

If you notice a stray or wild animal that is injured or out of control and causing harm to people or property, please call animal control at once. If he does not immediately answer his phone, contact the Brown County Sheriff's Department at (920) 391-7450. 

Dog & Cat Licenses

By April 1 of each year, all dog and cat owners must register their animal with the Village of Howard. Dog licenses require proof the animal is current on its rabies shots.

Feral Cat Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) Program

Feral Cat The Village of Howard practices Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR). The TNR program is a humane way to control the feral cat population. Feral cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and have their left ear tipped like the cat pictured here. 

If you are caring for a feral cat and would like to participate in the TNR Program, please contact Animal Control. There is no charge for this program.  

Seasonal Pet Care

State law requires all animals to have access to food, water and shelter that provides as much protection from the local weather as is necessary for the health of the animal.  These links provide thoughtful ways to ensure care for your pets during the changing weather: 

Winter Pet Care Tips

Summer Pet Care Tips  

Nuisance Wildlife

Trapping and moving animals may seem like a good idea, however that might not be the best way to evict animals. Call Animal Control for the most humane and effective tips to handle wildlife. 

About trapping

Preventing nuisance wildlife

Why relocating animals is not the answer